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1. Learning to Forgive
For siblings, bonds are formed early and they can last a lifetime. However, when those early, long lasting relationships turn negative, can siblings set aside differences and truly learn to forgive? Here are five things to remember about forgiveness.

2. No Bake Sweets
Here are a couple of kid friendly recipes for making tasty sweets! Good for a family night project, getting ready for the holidays or just because!

3. The Birth Order Theory
Can birth order really influence a child’s personality? Can you match any of these character traits to members of your family?

4. Sibling Secrets
Are you aware of the secrets your siblings are keeping from you? The Sibling Secret Society does exist and it’s stronger than ever!

5. Inspiring Kids to Read
Reading is a fundamental skill and the benefits are far reaching and long lasting. So, what should parents do to ensure their children develop good reading habits? Here are seven ways to inspire your kids to read!

6. Text Etiquette for Kids
Technology have forced responsible adults to educate kids about online predators, cyber bullies and issues of privacy. However, parents should also include another important lesson – Text Etiquette. Since your kids already participate in the “dos”, here are five “don’ts” to pass along to them.

7. Bullying Between Siblings
Bullying can sometimes be a cry for help. Steps you can take when both victim and aggressor live in the same household.

8. Adult Sibling Rivalry and the Holidays
Sibling rivalry and conflict doesn’t just go away with adulthood nor is it nonexistent during the holidays. As families come together for holiday activities, relationship issues can resurface. Here are a few tips to help adult siblings keep their conflicts under control.

9. Parenting - Nature vs. Nurture
What creates a child's personality - their inborn traits or their environments? The nature verses nurture conflict may never have a resolution, but where do the role of parents begin and end?

10. Birth Order Personalities - The Second Child
While the second born child is still considered a middle child, could they have the most difficult place to fill in the birth order? What personality traits do they share with their other middle siblings and what are the exceptions?

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